Ambrosial Thought to Start Your Day: What is your Reality?

Our modern lifestyle is changing its sense of time and space, relatedness, and relevancy.  Today, there are no secrets!  We are flooded with information.  

Through the Rabbit Hole... Lewis Carrol’s
Alice ADVENTURES in Wonderland
Information is not enough. Neither is knowledge. We need wisdom.

We are exposed to and use more sophisticated devices and software faster and faster.  This increased electronic technologies only brings us more information, more choices, more contacts, and more complexity.  

How are you coping with this widespread and added stress... fighting against this modern lifestyle, withdrawing, or fantasizing more? Or are you over-using caffeine and other stimulants (sugary foods, alcohol, drugs, overworking, energy drinks, high octane sports, loud music, etc)?
"Oh dear! Oh dear!
I shall be too late!"
says the Rabbit

In our technology-filled world, each of our actions can now be tracked regardless of appearances... every one of our money exchange, statement and behavior leaves a trail.  We are known by our actions.  Each action we take must be considered ecologically, and globally, because each person does affect, directly or indirectly, vast networks of people, and other living beings and places.  There is no isolation. 

This is an age of paradox-more global and more individual. with fewer boundaries and more demand for political separations.  Everything is faster and we have less time.  We need far more love and unity, for we have more fear and tremendous insecurity.

Complexity is increasing as is our need to deal with it!  Our sense of personal identity and its foundation is shifting.  Change and learning is continuous and life-long. We must maintain mental. emotional. and physical flexibility.

"I wonder if I shall fall fight through the earth!
How funny it'll seem to come out
among the people that walk
with their heads downwards!" say Alice
Learning is not enough. We must learn how to learn.

Intellect is not enough. We need a new relationship to intuition, emotion and instinct.

Your real value comes from truth embodied in practical actions and in the internal caliber and qualities of your mind and heart! 

 Keep up and you will be kept up. ~Yogi Bhajan

Express & accept your wholeness
with each committed action.  

Let your actions demonstrate wisdom!

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