Did u catch the Gestation (ART PIECE) in our VIDEO?

Gestation (ART PIECE)

Santa Monica, CA

Gestation is located on the edge of the continent and its central opening frames the elements of water, sunlight, earth, and air-the dynamic relationships that foster creation, regeneration, and birth. The form of the sculpture grows from this circular central opening into a structure that allows visitors to enter the form and rest within its quiet embrace.

When the Sun appears in the top of this aperture, it announces the beginning of the solstice season. Each day the Sun will appear lower in this aperture until the day of the Winter Solstice. On this day the Sun sets exactly in the middle of this opening, marking the celebration of the rebirth of the life of the Sun-the conception of the coming birth of Spring.

Source: Baile Oakes (Artist)

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