OC Weekly reports: Mental Physix Want to DJ Your Yoga Class

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Mental Physix is balance. Mental and physical. Yin and yang. Deep beats and yoga. The place between the paradox.

Mental Physix are a DJ duo made up of Crisanto Santa Ana and Dru Ali. Their mission? To explore the fusion of music and yoga to "create a divine union of healing, through self-realization and sound." Both Santa Ana and Ali perform at yoga studios while Vinyasa classes are going on, and the experience -- with both the yogis and the DJs feeding off each other's energies -- is intensely spiritual. Last month, Mental Physix took their Technic1200s on the road and toured yoga studios around California, Nevada, Colorado and Utah.
On Saturday, Mental Physix will be performing at the One Consciousness of Love and Light Festival (www.1ConsLoveLight.com) in Anaheim. The festival will feature meditation, dance performances, lots of yoga and healthy, organic food served throughout the day.
Why play live music for yoga?
Santa AnaMusic for yoga is unique. Certain tones and frequencies can enhance your practice and bring you to a certain level of vibratory frequency. Music during yoga can create calmness or raise the intensity of a practice. Yoga is like a dance, and we provide the soundtrack. Doing music for yoga also allows us to assist teachers in creating an amazing playlist -- freeing up the teachers time to focus more on their flows. Having a DJ present in the studio adds another exciting element, allowing the DJs, teachers, and students to exchange and feed off one one another's energy.
AliMusic adds depth to the practice and can help take you on a journey with the flow of the class.
How have people reacted to your music during classes? 
Santa Ana:
 The reception to our music has been amazing so far. We've been receiving great feedback both from teachers and students. This overwhelming support has motivated us to further our movement. 
Ali: One of the craziest things we've heard was that someone felt like they had an outer body experience by the end of the class!

Source: OC Weekly