Dr Masaru Emoto -- Spreading the power of water & consciousness

Dr. Masaru Emoto traveled to the United States this July for his Seminar & Water Ceremony Events, visiting Los Angeles and Orange County CA, Sedona Arizona, Duluth and Bloomington Mn., Honolulu and the Big Island Hi. 

Together MY HADO, The Mother Tree Sanctuary, The Los Angles Kabbalah Centre, Twins Ports Bridge Festival, Angel Valley, Aqua Essence, Resource and The Connecting Spirit and a few others, hosted Dr Masaru Emoto for a series of Evening Seminars and Water Ceremony events in their local communities.

On Juy 11, 2013, 
we were blessed to be part of the 
"Honoring Our Sacred Waters" 
ceremony at the 
Muth Interpretive Center (Newport Beach, CA)

Dr. Masaru Emoto, internationally renowned Japanese water and hado (energy) researcher whose work is featured in the hit film "What the #$BLEEP*! Do We Know?", spoke and participated in various water ceremonies.

"Water is very special to me, I have studied it for over 20yrs., 
and found that it has many magical qualities. 
I hope my seminars & my books will introduce you 
to the wonders of water so 
you will grow to love, value and protect it." ~Dr Emoto

Dr. Emoto and his unique work with water through his compelling research has demonstrated how words, music, pictures, thought, emotion and prayer can change the molecular structure of water. Emoto’s message is simple, yet profound.    
Emoto’s process involves gathering water samples; exposing them to sound, pictures, human thought or the written word; then freezing the samples. Once frozen the samples are removed and the emerging water crystals are photographed under a microscope. Emoto’s stunning water crystal photographs and their messages can be seen in the NY Times Best Seller "The Hidden Messages in Water"; his original books "Messages From Water Vol. 1, 2, and 3" and his latest book "The Miracle of Water".
According to Emoto, the true nature of water reveals the vibrational energy source behind the creation of all things. Emoto describes this vibrational energy as “HADO”, which translates to wave and sound. He concludes that water’s crystalline structure can be imprinted with specific HADO, when concentrated sounds or thoughts are directed towards water. For example, water exposed to classical music, loving words or prayer consistently form brilliant, complex, and colorful symmetrical patterns. Conversely, the same water exposed to negative music, thoughts or words creates incomplete, asymmetrical patterns or no pattern at all.
As the human body and the earth’s surface are comprised of approximately 70% water, how can we cultivate human consciousness, peace and optimal health through water and vibrations?