Yoga Teacher Training ~ Play. Flow. Blessings.

I completed and graduated from my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 for over 2 years.  Since I began practicing yoga more than a decade ago, I realized I wanted to deepen my knowledge and my practice.  I had strong intensions to take a yoga teacher training... I just never knew which one!  Nor did I give any real thoughts to expectations on what I was going to experience.

I can tell you that this is life expanding experience (once I was able to surrender my mind/ego).  For me, it was a single intentional step that elevated the consciousness for the thousand+ miles journey ahead.  In the time & space of my 20's, I had already travelled extensively on our physical planet.  NOW, I found that myself on this unknown path from my navel to my heart.  This was the beginning of a journey within ME to find Myself!

Did I have a desire to change my life? Yes. Dont we all?? 

Did I hear a calling?  Initially, no.  I did hear a strong calling of my soul during childhood -- but somewhere in trying to "grow up", I got lost in the shuffle of achieving.  In the process of graduating from college, getting the $$ white collar job and living it up, I simply felt lost & empty.  Why didnt I feel joy & pride?  The real kicker was when my body physically started to revolt against this cold depression; first with tendonitis, then extreme fatigue.  It got to a point when I felt physically ill being in the office setting.  Finally, I had to tune-in inward to hear my soul breaking its silence.   

Was I prepared for the experience?  I thought that yoga teacher training was going to be fun and easy...some light reading, simple exercises and guided meditation.  If I knew how much hard work within I had to do or what kind of inner blocks I had to work through, I might have ran the other way!

My experience changed and transformed my life.  Daily, I work on living and serving with grace, love, deep gratitude, humility, reverence and joyful awareness.  My consciousness cant crawl back into the darkness of the forest.  It was shaken to a depth that would have taken me a lifetime using just my own observations.  I am now living a life beyond my wildest dreams and to my own design!

I am ever grateful to find a community of such wonderful support.  We took the first steps of happiness together, by committing to ourselves.  My tribe of fellow Aquarian yogi souls ventured forward from darkness into light.  Over the course of the 9 months training, we allowed ourselves to be fully present for this our own re-birth.

Our characters are strengthened.  Our old habits were investigated and dissected.  We affirmed our dignity.  We got in touch with the Universal Highest Divinity.  As the light beings that we are, we shine our grace.  We found the power to sacrifice, choosing Love over Fears.  

And so we march onward... expanding this continual spiritual growth and experiencing pure bliss!!